Friday, February 13, 2009

The Problem With Leicas

The problem with Leicas is...

That they have to be so darn good... The photograph above was taken in a store near Bogotá, Colombia, with a Leica.  Spur of the moment, light hitting the right spot, or maybe simple boredom, but the camera (and the `cron 50mm) came to the rescue.  Mind you, I'm not a fan of this focal length, but then, I force myself to use it, as it was the first Leica lens I got, and the one and only purchased new (hard to believe!!).  Now, the photograph below is, as it turns out, somewhat random.  Taken with my very M4-2 and Hexanon lens, I did not take a reading; just set the camera at f2.8 and 1/60, overexposing one bit on Provia ISO 400 (yes, I dared use slide film).  The result is a fairly pleasant photograph of a colleague in his office at the university where I work.  He liked the shot himself, it seems.  

Lastly, we go back to Denver.  In a place called Red Rock there's a huge auditorium carved in the rock that, when it's not busy with famous bands (the Beatles offered their first concert in Denver at this place), turns out to be just as useful and the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum were for Rocky Balboa.  Here's the proof! 

Need I add that this one was taken with my M4-2?  


taffer said...

Must say... that first shot is really pleasing !

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Thanks, Oscar! A friend of mine called it "old-fashioned." I guess it it... but then, I too like it because of the nice light progression on the surface of the bowls.