Saturday, September 12, 2009

Street shots only with rangefinders?

Is there a law about this?

(Chicago, near Art Institute, M6TTL, 35/f2 Hexanon, on Ilford XP2)

How about an SLR for the job?

(Same gear, under the L rails in Wabash Street, Chicago)

Or medium format? Doisneau already showed it, right?

(Stairs up to the L station, Wabash Street, same gear & film as above)

It seems to be counterintuitive, but one of these days I'm going to try it. Either with my Nikon D700 or with my Mamiya C220, with B&W imagery, of course.

In the meanwhile... who takes street shots with anything else but a Leica? Who has? Is there a difference between quality, attitude, and, of course, perception?


Ken said...

I managed with unmetered Nikon F2s for years when I was between Leicas. That said, there's something about the RF experience that works better for urban candids!

Kang said...

I use my D700 and my FM2 on the streets, sometimes it gets weird looks, but most of the time it's alright.

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

I have used Leicas for most of my street shots, but I also used a TLR once... and that also got me some looks.

Thanks for posting!