Monday, June 8, 2015

Trial Shots with the Leica M2

In November 2014, by sheer luck, I won an auction for a Leica M2 in black. I used it briefly to find out whether it was in good shape, whether I'd keep it, have it repainted, and a number of things more. Here are shots from the first roll I burned with it.

Memorial in campus

In between classes (DuSable Hall at NIU)

House in campus town.

Williston Hall, at NIU
I cannot recall whether I used a filter for this series.  It's likely that I did.  In any event, I'm not only happy with the shots themselves (they're not too bad), but also that I was able to scan them without any dust.  That's enough to make one's day.  Soon, coming to a theater near you, some gear porn... Have some harmless fun in the comments section! 

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