Monday, September 8, 2008

Objects I

A bike in the snow

A row of mannequins

A konditorei table

Objects that speak of a function, a need, status, weather, a circumstance, but also things that exist on their own (or does a chair exist without someone to sit on it?).  I have photographed them for different reasons, although in all cases there's one that has led me to snap their pic: their expressivity.  Granted, objects can easily look lonely, thus inspire the idea of loneliness and even despair, but there are other images that speak to me of other things, like the bittersweet afternoons in the late fall, the sun in the summer, a possibility that never occurred.  These make images that work as reminders of the things we could or dared not do.

There's another thing to this: I like photographing objects to make them look strange, distant from their usual function, inhabiting other places and spaces.  In short, I like chairs to look like people, or cars look like bugs.  It's a challenge, but if in the end I manage to make an object look like something else, I'm more than happy of having created an illusion. 

Next time, more objects.


taffer said...

Es curioso, esto de los objetos y las fotos de objetos como objetos en sí mismos (vaya frase me ha quedado) me recuerda que ví un concepto parecido en una exposición sobre el trío duchamp-man ray-picabia. existe el objeto como objeto si no tiene una función o entonces no pasa de ser una mera creación conceptual? que es un cenicero en un lugar en el que nadie fuma?

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Joven Oscar! Esta cosa de aislar objetos, hacerlos aparecer como son tiene un tono medio filosófico que suena bien para cubrir la verdadera razón: tenìa ganas de oir el disparador de la cámara.

Sera acaso arte eso de tomar fotos por que sí?

Gracias por tu nota!