Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Travels with a Leica

Where to begin?  With the pretty candy vendor from Puerto Rico, who continued about her business even after seeing me aim my camera at her?  With the edgy figure of a man climbing up a roof in the colonial neighborhood of Bogotá, Colombia?  Or with the more mundane containers of Chinese food we got some time ago, that weren't even shot with a Leica? 

All these images bring back memories to me, of trips in which I swore I'd never carry a camera again, only to agonize over a choice of lenses and bodies for the next trip.  In Puerto Rico I walked all over the place with most of my gear; on the way back, in the airport, somewhere in NC, my carryon bag gave in when the strap broke on me and it fell with a disturbing plop sound on the floor (nothing happened, my glass and cameras were protected by my jacket and all the stuff I had in the bag).  In Colombia, having learned my lesson, I carried only one body and three lenses... and felt like an orphan.  At home, I stashed the Leicas away and rekindled my relationship with my Nikons. 

Why all this traveling?

Perhaps to return with photos?  Only?

So much to scan...

Next time, objects: why photograph them, what is in them, why bother at all...

So long!

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