Friday, December 19, 2008


These are trying circumstances. What to do with winter?

However trite it may sound... the best is to open one's eyes to it, face it and take it.  Speaking of "taking things," I was very tempted to ditch the slide above until my wife told me it looked like the University of Iowa football symbol: an eagle.  I had not seen an eagle here... but it saved the slide (Canonet G-III QL17 and Ektachrome 100). 

Now, I did go out on a night like this, looking an image like the one above.  Luckily, it made it to an exhibit assembled later that year (M6TTL, Hexanon 35, T-Max ISO 100). 

Not the place and time to abandon your bycicle (M6TTL, Summicron 50, Scala ISO 200).   

Winter should make us think, reconsider and ponder.  Instead, the wonderful light and the quirky weather (I'm being nice here) force us out, and so we walk, shake, complain and guess exposures in the bitter cold, instead of doing other things.  Why?  Any idea?