Monday, December 8, 2008

More Denver citiscapes & signs

More images with the M4-2... Can these be public art?

Nice coffee shop near our hotel. 

An example of public art (sign of life).

Thinking girl near the library. 

Let me brag... I metered these shots.  With my eyes, only.

Well... I also had some help from my meter.  Every time I had my doubts about lighting, I pulled out my faithful black Leica M4 meter and checked the lighting.  However, most of the time my guesstimate fell in the correct area, so for situations like the ones above, I relied on my memorized settings (applicable with ISO 400 film).  Proof that photographers in the past were guys with good memory!  

That, or I'm going to be a tough candidate for Alzheimer's. 

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