Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mechanical Cameras

Digital revolution?  How many revolutions have to come yet?  What will be next?  In what way will any revolution change the very basic way in which a photograph is made?  Will it do away with aperture?  How about shutterspeed?  Digital simply replaced the media that captures the image.  So far, things are still the same.

However, the change will arrive in the shape of... 

A mechanical camera!

Even though I've been chronicling the seasons in this town (because my M4-2 has remained inactive due to its need of a CLA), I still ponder why I use film, and where photography can go after digital.  I do not think film will recover its preeminence, but then, it won't go away.  Just like LPs, it will stay for a long time yet, because it happens to have that particular "hand-made" quality about it that digital lacks.  

Brains instead of computers

Let's all hang onto our film gear.  Film isn't gone yet... and there's charm in graininess.  Otherwise, how to explain that a print of Lee Friedlander's may sell for thousands of dollars in a Christie's auction?  Subject matter (a young, nude Madonna?), or the fact that it's an artifact of the past?

' later!

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