Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seasons in DeKalb

Corner of Sixth St and Lincoln Hwy

Hot Dog Stand during Cornfest

Small Coffee Bar (now gone) in February 2006

Living in DeKalb isn't glamorous, but I like it... probably for that reason.  However, that doesn't make our seasons less exciting.  The seasons have their way to insert themselves into our lives.  Here, two of the shots are from our warm weather, and one "came in from the cold" (can you not tell which one it is?).  All were taken with Leicas here in town... and I'm proud of each because, to a certain extent, they show what I've learned.  Also, and here I hope, they show a bit of what I like in DeKalb.

Common thread here: they all show people.  We'll continue with it next time!

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