Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back from repairs... and feeling frisky!

The M4-2 went to Wisconsin, to get repaired, and receive a new lease on life from Don Goldberg. It's finally back! And of course, I've been using it (with B&W film).

Trees by the NIU library...

Backyard furniture, covered in snow.

Bench near library, with sun peeking in.

The film advance still feels a bit grainy, but the cosmetics in the camera are now unbeatable. Both PC contacts have their own covers and the little rims around them (both were restored). Don also replaced the hot flash element, which had deteriorated when some glue from a clumsy repair in the top axle of the film rewind seeped into it. Later, I added some white to the lettering. The camera is ready for some 25 more years...