Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Words and images

Singer at a Farmers' Market, DeKalb, June 2009 (M4-2, Hexanon 35mm, Kodak BW400CN)

Browsing through accidental photography blogs, I found one common aspect.

Many of them just post images.

This, to me, isn't that appealing. The whole idea of a blog is to communicate. Images, indeed, do say things, but they work (at least, a mon avis) better when paired with words.

However, just for the sake of posting (which has become somehow difficult), I'll see to make images more relevant than prose, instead of aiming at a balance. Let's see if I like it...
Ben on my chair (M4-2, Hexanon 35mm, Kodak BW400CN, with Leica SF-20 flash in auto mode)

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