Friday, January 14, 2011

What if I had done these with a digital camera?

I have traveled all over the place with my Leicas. Here's some evidence, mostly produced with my M6TTL bodies and my trustworthy Hexanon or my newfangled Summilux, both 35mm.

In Amsterdam, I managed to capture these three men, not too far from a busy, commercial area. The whispering queen (M6TTL) did its job and they remained unfazed, in an image that strikes me as representative of urban solitude.

The fleamarket near the North Church (I don't dare write the name in Dutch as I cannot recall it well), with lots of vendors offering their wares.

Here, with my 28mm Elmarit and Scala film, I photographed the sign just because it made me chuckle. I don't quite know why... but the "Welcome seafood" made me think of a cook beckoning lobsters and crabs into a kitchen, while hiding behind the back a large stash of pots and pans.

In Dresden, my favorite German town, we arrived one time right before dusk. Walking down the Elba river after crossing the bridge, we were treated to this sight. I can imagine what a digital P&S would have done with this image: "rectify" the colors on the stone walls (!!!), and fix that terrible sky.

Then, there's the issue with the sun in this image below, with the backlit rider, the yellow sky and the dark foreground...

Now, what would have happened to the photograph below? Probably nothing, as digital gizmos are notably efficient at registering night images. I wonder why, actually... It was good that I was using a Leica M6TTL and my Summilux for some of these photographs, and good old Provia ISO 400.

I will return soon, with further images from the M4-2 on slide film.

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