Sunday, March 1, 2015

Home developed and scanned

My experiment on independence finally came to fruition.  

In October 2014 I went to a conference in Madison, WI, and took with my M4-2, and a newly acquired Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2, with lots of Arista film.  I developed the film later that month, and had to deal with the ugly curving that results from lack of humidity in the bathroom where it dries.  Then, I had to overcome my reluctance to scan (bad experience with Newton rings with a previous scanner).  However, I had to face my demons and scanned a few frames... and here's the results.

The night I arrived I went for a walk, looking for a place to have dinner.  Found it in this old establishment on State St, called... yes, State Street Brats (1/30, f2.8 on ISO 400 film).

For my last day of the conference, I walked all the way to the Capitol and decided to perambulate the area.  When I looked up, the intense blue sky, architecture and curvy lamp post hit me... and decided to hit back (1/1000, f5.6). 

Part of the charm of Madison is the Saturday Farmer's Market, for which people of all walks, colors and persuasions congregate around food, strolls and street shows.  Here are some musicians setting up shop not too far from the capitol (1/1000, f5.6-8)

I've been scanning some more film, so you'll get to see other photographs, in luminous black-and-white, from my M4-2 with the Zeiss or Konica 35mm, and from my M4-P with the CV 28mm f2 I got earlier in 2014. 

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