Thursday, August 28, 2008

City scapes

Fortunately, I have had the chance to see the world.  Every time I have traveled, I've taken one or another type of camera with, and recorded some sights I considered typical or at least representative of the places I've been.  These are my city scapes.

DeKalb has a nice corner (in a photographic sense, the place is anything but nice) in Sixth and Lincoln, where a large lottery ad can be seen from a distance.  I saw it photographed a long time ago, in a rather big print, presumably done in medium or large format, and liked it a lot.  This is my own version of it: the pick-up truck, the man getting out of it and the lighting speak of loooong summer afternoons to me (M6TTL, 35mm Hexanon, Scala ISO 200).

Getting out of DeKalb, we go to Chicago, whose streets have lots of personality but not always look good in photos.  Here is the Artists's Café on Michigan Ave, in a tilted version á la Winogrand (M4-2, 35mm Hexanon, BW400CN).  Looks to me like very much a Chicago place, yet the woman in the large sunglasses adds a weird, cosmopolitan (I'd even say Parisian) air to the scene.  I must print this one in a larger size to enjoy all the people who appear in it.

Lastly, Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, because it conjugates both, a distant and a not so distant past in wonderful harmony.  This balcony is at the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), and even though it was taken in 2004, the fact that I used a 1936 lens gives it a strange flare that does not detract from the scene (at least, not to me).  There's something timeless about the pidgeons in this shot... and it's one of my favorites (M6TTL, Elmar 90/f4, Scala ISO 200). 

More to come later! 

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