Friday, November 28, 2008

Back to Denver: Signs

When in Denver... read the signs!

This is part of a street that ends in Sixth.  Nobody complains about lack of information here.

The name of the place is just a hoot... and Brits probably crack up when they read it. 

Now, to think Silver Plume was a booming town and now it's reduced to a few houses (inhabited by very friendly people, I should add). 

Need I to say that these photographs were all taken with my M4-2 and my Hexanon?  I must except the first one, for which I used my Summicron 90mm.  The film?  Fuji Superia ISO 400, indeed.

The thing with signs is that they're silent witnesses of other times.  Like in the first photograph, they reveal what at some point existed in the world, things we needed to be aware of.  Otherwise, they show what was in the collective mind of a generation or a group.  Finally, like cemeteries, they indicate where something now lies.

I like photographing signs.  Not all are necessarily fun, but many have that particular trait of working as silent voices, testament of last and lost wills, or very late reivindications (or indictments).  In cities, while I look for them, not always do I photograph them unless something evidently obvious or funny leads me to immortalize them in film.  Whatever the case, the signs I have photographed, however trivial, have always told me something beyond their initial intentional message.  And that's just the beginning of the fun!

More signs later!

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