Friday, October 22, 2010

More Chicago Images

From the same roll... Need to check out my negs. There must be more stuff done with my M4-2. In the meanwhile, these are not too bad. In fact, I like to think of this one below as a bit in the Winogrand style...

A sign of our times: the talking man in the street. In Frank's photographs, they used to be alone in their thoughts. Now they're not... but do they think?

A very urban view of Chicago and it's open spaces: the Cadillac, the parking lot and the sky.

This photograph of an urban space (a parking lot) makes me feel good as a photographer... for no reason whatsoever. I just like it. It's an unfancy Chicago, a working area, almost a place that has a job: to keep the streets free from (car) clutter. Besides, the intense light takes me back to the moment when I took this photograph... and it was a nice day.


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