Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Obsessive Cycle

I started this blog as the result of an obsession of sorts... my anxiety about receiving my very first Leica M4-2. I never thought it would lead to any other type of obsession... But it did.

Now, in this very moment, I'm jonesing for a Leica M5 recently purchased on eBay. Wanna see?

Yes, the lens was borrowed from my M4-2, because after looking through the viewfinder I sensed that the best field of view for it is that of the 35mm.

I ended up with this camera on a lark. There was an auction on eBay, I felt like gambling (do it sometimes too often, not always win) and bid. To my surprise, I got the camera, even though I have never been to excited about the M5. Problem? I ended up liking it... A lot... More than expected.

Since the meter was all wonky, I had to send it to Sherry Kräuter's shop, "The Golden Touch," to get it revived (there may be more issues with it, and in any case, she has a reputation as a Leica M5 devotee). Then, I started salivating about another 35mm (I won't leave my M4-2 with a 50mm lens on... it's just against my religion, even though I have a nice Canon 50mm f1.2 in my inventory). I ended up falling for a Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f1.4 used, which I got not for a song, but still for a decent price (used but not much).

Wanna see what this camera did with a wonky meter?

This is Ben, our older, gentler cat, on a chair of our porche. I used the camera meter for this one, knowing fully well it was overexposing. All in all, Ben was correctly exposed, doing what he does best: rest.

With family at the office (hers, actually). At this point, I chose to "guesspose" and set the camera and lens at 1/60th, f2.8.

The silly thing now is that I simply cannot wait for the camera to return. I've been trying to get myself busy in different ways and forms so as not to THINK about the camera (or the lens, which will be shipped from Canada tomorrow, Wednesday October 6, 2010). In fact, the camera will not come before Sherry contacts me, and that tends to be over the phone. She'll give me the estimate cost of her repair, I'll have to accept it, and then, it may be a wait of three days or three weeks, depending on the work needed.

What a funk... but I got into it all alone by myself. Fortunately, I still have toys to play with! Keep you posted!

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