Friday, February 18, 2011

Using Transparency Film

Transparency film doesn't scare me. I load it in my camera and shoot it calmly, without any worries... And then, I get my results back. These photographs, made with my legendary M4-2 and Hexanon 35, simply show that slide or transparency film gets the job done as long as the metering is adequate. Look at the detail in the first image...

Farm equipment in a field in Sycamore, IL, fall of 2010. I really like Provia ISO 400 because not only shows all the detail there is, but also can be pushed up to ISO 1600 without a glitch.

The same tractor above, only now, from a distance, showing all its glory.

And now, the human touch: Mr Larsen, baker, on one of the last days of the farmers' market in Sycamore, IL (this one was done with my Summicron 90mm). Not too bad, huh?

Well those were the photos I have been offering for a while. But don't despair, there are more... And I'll be back soon with additional results from the M4-2 and a Nokton 35mm f1.4.

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