Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Xmasy Winter Photographs

Some photographs of Chicago, through the eye of my black M5 with a Nokton 35mm f1.4 on Fuji and Kodak ISO 400 color film.

Near the Art Institute of Chicago

German Christmas Market

Streetwise Newspaper vendor, in front of the Art Institute.

There are more to come... while I scan some slides made with my M4-2. After all, that's the camera for which I started this blog.

Of course, I must confess and inform that I am currently expecting delivery of a new family member, pictured below...

Rear view...

Front view...

Of course, the photos are not mine, but rather courtesy of Don Tamarkin, of Tamarkin Camera, who kindly send them to me before sending the actual camera. I don't know when it'll come, but the payment was already sent. Of course, I'm trying to get busy, so I don't fret and get jonesing about it.

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Steve Morton said...

You might be interested to know your work has been pinched and appears on this page


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