Friday, September 26, 2014

After a long absence...

It's been so long... and I don't want to look it up, because it's slightly embarrassing to have abandoned this blog for so long.  In any event, having these amateurish photographs stolen made me angry and blew the wind off my sails so bad that I simply didn't even want to look at this blog or share them again... ever.

But here I am anyway.  Readers or not, this will be an active blog, just the way I wanted it to be in the past.

In the meanwhile, let's get to the images:
This image is Miller St in DeKalb, IL, in early January, after a very snowy night.  Of course, I used my M4-2 and Hexanon 35 f2 lens, and Ilford XP2.
Possibly that same day, this fountain in Huntley Park, looked attractive enough to deserve a shot.
Tree shadow in my neighborhood.  I gave a two or three-stop compensation exposure (from f11 to f4), for this shot.


Joanna Prusinska said...

i followed your blog back years ago- just noticed that you updated it! love your work! did someone steal your images?? hope all is well. Cheers!

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Dear Joanna, yes, someone stole images from a post about my M5 (I think it's the one about Christmasy photographs). The person posted them in a site, claiming them as his. The gall some people have...

I thought about writing a "post of shame" with name, website link and everything... and I may do it in the end. However, stewing about it kept me away from posting, and I wanted to return to this blog sooner than later.

Thanks for following my blog! It's nice that you're interested. I hope not to disappoint you. Take care!