Sunday, September 28, 2014

How did I learn to like the 50mm lens?

The answer is easy: when I had to pair it with a new body: an M4.

I was interested in playing with a Leica M4, but the real one, the one that came out before the M4-2.  I was lucky to find one in decent shape... but didn't have the cash for another 35mm lens (which is my favorite focal length), so I took out the bag my very underused 50mm Summicron and attached it to this new body.

It was a revelation...

Here's the proof:

This is Washington Street, in Naperville, at Christmas time (1/60th, f2)
My son on a Santa Claus lap (1/15th, f2).  He got some candy...
This is Washington Street, but in Chicago (1/60th, f2)
Art Institute lion, from Chicago (1/1000th, f8-11)
I must admit now that this same M4 body has been equipped with a nice Zeiss 35mm f2 lens (in silver), and that I fell for another Zeiss lens of the same type but in black, currently attached to my M4-2.  The Summicron will return to the M4, of course.  I learned to like it, but right now... I'm having second helpings and indulging in my use of the 35mm focal length.

What's your favorite focal length?  Do you feel that it's the only creative avenue for you?  Have you "forced" yourself to use something different... just to stretch your creative muscle?

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