Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Film crisis

Some early work with the M4-2...  All of them were made in Chicago, on December 2012, on Kodak BW400CN film, now discontinued, and with my Konica Hexanon 35mm lens. 

And this circumstance throws me the proverbial wrench; I had not bothered to develop and scan film for the longest time because of the existence of chromogenic film and thanks to 1-hour developing.  Why would anyone get in trouble developing when they do it at the drug store?

Well... Not only Kodak stopped making this film, but also my local drug store stopped working on film.  Sure, they will send the occasional roll out, but won't return the negatives and that's not what I want.  Hence, I was forced to return to my developing days, and I placed an order for Ilfosol 3, Ilford quick fix, Heico wash aid... and some Agfa APX stuff (yep, it's still around at B&H).  Let's see how things work out.  Looks like I'm going to spend a nice winter, developing and scanning some of my backlog.  

In the meanwhile, here are some images from a trip to the big city... 

Next time, framing, tilting, composition... What's your take?

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