Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Harvest

Today, I feel like posting Leica shots for the heck of it.

For instance, above is the town's supermarket (M6TTL, Elmarit 28, Scala).  It used to be the only one in town... but now it has to compete with another that sells upscale stuff.  I went there one night to get some bread, the lights looked cool... and I snapped this shot. 

Shortly after Thanksgiving, the stores in the town of Hinsdale throw their doors open to the people who feel like a little tingle in the air... and offer free stuff!  This lady works at an insurance company, but also gives popcorn away on these days (M6TTL, Summilux 35mm, Agfa APX pushed at ISO 1600). 

On our trip to Denver we stopped briefly at the public library, to take a look at the place... and use "the facilities."  I was a little bored and about to finish a roll, so here's the result (M4-2, Superia ISO 400, Hexanon 35mm).

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