Monday, November 17, 2008

Something nice about film

There's something very nice about film... 

Snowy house in DeKalb

Peeking at the menu in Barcelona

Leading an intense inner life (Barcelona too)

I get to make all the decisions!!

For instance, which photos I will scan (and potentially print), how I want them to look, what size I want them to be (and resolution).  Granted, these same things come up with a digital camera, although I don't think I have much of a say in some areas.  Of course, there are settings to arrange, but what if I want certan photos for certain purpose?

On the other hand, I'm just quibbling with myself.

These photographs (all made with film Leicas) have nothing in common.  I simply felt like posting them because some of them have never been seen elsewhere, and others, even if seen, didn't seem to attract much attention.  For instance, my snowy house was completely unknown.  Will it merit a comment here?  I certainly hope so.  The Barcelona shots, on the other hand, were admired by friends.  Does DeKalb stand up to Barcelona?  Easy to find out; check my other photographs. 

Be back soon!


maddoc2003jp said...

"Peeking at the menu in Barcelona" is my favorite in this series. I just had a second look and what caught my attention was the composition with the single person peeking at the menu and the group of persons in the out-of-focus area. Very well seen and photographed.



Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Thanks, Gabor! Barcelona is a place where no photo can go bad. If you've never been there, please go. If you have, you know.