Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall again (the season, of course)

A bright fall morning...

(M6TTL, Summicron 50)

A bright fall afternoon...

(Canonet G-III QL 17, BW Plus)

A chilly early evening in the fall...

(M6TTL, Summicron 50, chromogenic film of some type)

The fall is definitely my favorite season.  I already explained the reason why... and have enough photos to prove it.  These ones, however, aren't the best, but by no means are they the worst.  They are all very, say, experimental.  In two of these, I was learning how to see through the Leica viewfinder; in the other, I was just playing with my Canonet (which has been in retirement for a long time, but despite its forced rest I cannot bring myself to sell it).  This particular one, the bird feeder, was just a snapshot, something I shot on impulse, and that added to the surprise I experienced when I saw the print.  There was very little work on it at scanning it: no need to adjust the exposure or anything: I just loved the out-of-focus area as background for the sharp bird feeder.

Something sad to me about that shot is that we lost that feeder.  The branch on which it hung was deemed sick, and it had to be cut off.  The feeder is probably in the garage, gathering dust as we never found another branch from which to hang it.  Lots of birds visited this feeder, and it was a lot of fun to observe them even fight for the seeds, completely oblivious that there were two sides to pick from. 

We have another feeder, but that's for another day. 

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