Monday, October 13, 2008

More about the fall

A street lined with golden trees.
(M6TTL, Hexanon 35/f2, Ektachrome ISO 100 VC)

A silent witness of stories from long ago.

(M6TTL, Hexanon 35/f2, T-Max ISO 100)

The nice color contrast between light and shadow on the street.

(M6TTL, Hexanon 35/f2, Ektachrome ISO 100 VC)

I did these images starting from a visualization.  In other words, I scouted the neighborhood, looking for the type of spots that make people go "ooooh..."  Fortunately, I found them, and here they are.  The day I took these was a gorgeous Sunday in which my (patient) wife and I went out for a walk.   The air had the foreboding air of things that will come, a kind of melancholy that makes the light seem like aching.  Those are afternoons that I love to waste doing not what I should, but what I damn well like to do: take photographs.  I must have burned half a roll of film in a few minutes... and, since I had bought those ten rolls for a pittance a few days earlier, I sensed I deserved to play. 

This film is probably out of production now, or rebadged or replaced as part of some marketing gimmick.  The slides turned out as glorious as the small windows into another world that they seem to be, and I was quick at scanning them so as not to forget (which happens often) that I have them. 

The fall is, as I said, my favorite season.  It announces the end of certain things, mostly, like an exit door for the summer, or the path that leads us into the bleak winter but that at least helps us understand that even if the earth can be as predictable as it is, it still has a lot of surprises (days like this one, for instance). 

What next?  Winter?  Naah... not yet.  Let's see which other fall shots I can dig out of my computer.  Because there's always something else before it all ends.

Until then! 


taffer said...

Sinceramente espectaculares !

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Muchas gracias! Me gustaron lo suficiente como para imprimirlas y enmarcarlas.