Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Short Visit to Denver

Family that travels together...

(16th Street Mall, Sunday morning, 90mm Summicron)

People reading in the sun.

(Larimer Square, Tuesday morning, 90mm Summicron)

Nights of color.

(16th Street Mall, Monday evening)

Very recently I stayed in Denver for about four days only, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  It's a vibrant town, full of people who enjoy the outdoors because they don't get to see much sun throughout the year (apparently, there are some eight months of snow per year).  Hence all the life that happens in the streets, documented here for posterity with my M4-2, my 90mm Summicron and my Hexanon 35, with Fuji Superia ISO 400. 

Be back soon with some more photographs from Denver.  And will continue the fall motif too!  After all, winter's a-coming, and I need new snowy shots, be it with this camera or any other in my hands.

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