Friday, October 10, 2008

Plans for the Fall

Ben, our older cat, peeking into the porche,

(M6TTL, Summicron 90, Ektachrome 200)

A lonely leaf, hanging of a tree in our yard,

(Nikon F100, 24-85 AF-S G, Ektachrome 100)

A fiery red in the middle of a yellow sea, 

(M6TTL, Summicron 50, Fuji Superia 100)

With the fall comes the weird feeling that something is about to happen, that we're wasting our time trying to figure things out, that we'd be a lot better off planning, deciding what to do, storing food and taking things one at a time.  These are days of painful beauty (as my wife likes to put it), because we know they're coming to an end. 

Plans, projects, ideas?  

Besides keeping up with my own work, I intend to file all the slides I have, scan others, print some, see how to get them nicely framed and try to cheer up the house.  Winter forces us to think and ponder, and, to be quite honest, I am not in the mood.  In fact, I am planning on getting myself a new toy, a digital behemoth, to keep me occupied during those days.  The Leicas and Nikons shan't be forgotten, of course, but will enjoy something of an extended vacation.  

Going digital is so much work I don't know if I'll be able to stick to it.  But we'll see.  In the meanwhile, I'll see how to scan some fall color photos and return to post them here.  

Now, let's go for some cider!


Anonymous said...

i love pictures, and you photograph things so beautifully, thanks for posting that :)

Maxwell Krivitzky said...

I love the pic of Ben