Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Entry

Pretty much on impulse, and in the impatience about waiting for my Leica M4-2, I started this little blog. Much against my inclinations, mind you, as I really aren't into blogging or anything that may seem a commitment with a hobby.

However, given that my camera is still somewhere between New York and Illinois (where I live) and I frankly cannot wait for it to come, I googled it (for the upteenth time) and found Andrew Nemeng's Leica FAQs website with a nice section on this camera. In that page, it also said that there used to be a blog named after this type of Leica. When I clicked on the link I learned that the blog had been canceled, and that the name or domain was available. "Do you want to register it" my computer asked.

Why not?

So, here I am.

Of course, since I still DO NOT have photos with this camera, my blogging will remain circumscribed to what I have done with my other cameras. And, of course, to what my potential readers may say about my work.

Funny... I barely read blogs. In fact, I didn't like the idea of keeping one. But now I started one out of sheer jumpiness.

TIme to learn!


taffer said...

Honored to post the first comment on the first entry since I realized there is none yet!
And fun how now it's me who is waiting, hehe.

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Well, it's not the sweetest time, let me tell you, but you already know that. I was jumping up and down, googling this camera before it came and that's how this blog got started.

Thanks for the note!