Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not a masterpiece but...

Not a masterpiece, granted, but it's one of the first photos I took with this M4-2.  

More to come soon!

In the meanwhile, this is Mimí, our young cat and less patient model.  Since I had some Fuji ISO 200 in the camera, I decided to meter it like ISO 400 but with one stop on the plus side.  Hence, this is at 1/60 at f2.8 with my Hexanon.  In a larger copy you can count her whiskers...

Now, after burning that first roll, I loaded some Kodak chromogenic film (the BW400CN).  I recall having used it a long time ago, when it came out first, and then lamenting its demise.  Apparently, Kodak brought it back last year, and I was happy to find it as something like $4 a piece in my local Walgreens. 

So, either on Monday or thereabouts, we'll have some B&W shots from this M4-2. 

So long!

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