Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow... that was easy

Now, kind potential readers... why do you blog?  What's the purpose of it?  In fact, while I can see the sense of a photo blog, it boggles the mind to think of any other type.  Although, now that I think about it, the ones I've read occasionally work as ranting spaces (like the one by a waiter with all kinds of stories of bad customers).

How does one publicize a blog?  I'm an academic.  If we blog, we keep it under wraps.  That's not, say, expected.  It's not frowned upon either, but it's similar to, say, a ballerina that watches soap operas: it's not really bad, it's simply unexpected.

I believe there are people in this profession who blog.  But then, I'm sure they teach English.  I teach Spanish, but the last thing I want to blog about is my teaching.  Good that I still like the literature I teach!  

Be that as it may, I must go to bed thinking about this whole blogging business... and also it would help to bookmark it.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of things to talk about tomorrow, as I stew in my own impatient juices waiting for the silly camera that works as a pretext for this blog.

So long!


Zeno Felkl said...

Hello Francisco,
I saw your blogs adress in RFF and I´m glad to be the firts to comment. I hope your M4 will arrive soon.
To ask your question: I blog, because I like the idea that someone might see my work and might have a good feeling when looking at it.
I bookmarked your blog, waiting to see more!
Greetings, Zeno

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Thanks for the note, Zeno! I intend to be more regular in the blogging activity. Fortunately, I do have a lot of scanned photographs to post, even though (as you may have figured) they were not taken with the M4-2 I got today.