Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Images... this time in BW400CN

Thursday, August 14th... I loaded the M4-2 with BW400CN film and went to the Farmer's Market in DeKalb.  Here's what I came back with: a nice series of people shots exposed with the lens as open as the light allowed it (mostly at 1/1000, between f5.6 and f8).  The baker admired my camera while his customers silently shopped.  I couldn't help to tell him that what he called an "antique" was actually made in the seventies.  I guess the idea of antique pretty much rests in the eye of the beholder.

After the market and doing some errands, I returned home.  Later, we played with our cats.  Mimi was especially receptive...

On Saturday, we took the train to Chicago in the company of Corina, a colleague from Argentina.  We went for lunch at Lou Mitchell's, a Chicago institution, when I suddently ran ouf of frames. 

At least not all was lost: I had some spare film.

More to come soon!

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